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Imagine a trail that comes alive

Imagine a world where every object can tell its story

Imagine if you could learn from your past

Imagine a future where everything is connected

A complete product

“Language and location should never be a hurdle to access cultural heritage.” – Aravin Chakravarthi, Founder of Trailsi

Content Development

Every pebble has a story. We at Trailsi, are dedicated to uncovering and exploring these stories through archival research and listening to first-hand experiences of the people. We pride ourselves in creating historically accurate and relevant content. We use our resources to curate immersive stories for a wide range of audiences from children to adults, from entry-level to expert.

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Multilingual Transcribing & Translations

Sweden has a rich history, however, currently, most of this history is only available in Swedish. ISFO (Institutet för språk och folkminnen) estimates that there are around 200 languages spoken in Sweden. The growing volume of international tourists additionally proves the need for linguistic diversity. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to all and in order to democratize knowledge, it is our responsibility to make content based on languages of the user’s choice. Therefore, at Trailsi, we translate our content into Swedish, Arabic, English, and German.

Coming soon: Finnish, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS), Kurdish and Spanish.

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Audio Recordings

We have excellent studio to record audio. We give a greater emphasize on the people with hearing problems and make audio recordings. World is more beautiful when it is inclusive!

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Branded Mobile Application

We develop branded mobile applications for museums and nature reserves for both android and iOS devices. Our UI-UX designers work closely with our clients during the developmental process. We conduct user research before implementation of the product. We believe in design simplicity. Our clients will have user accounts to manage contents on their own cloud that we provide. This means, the contents for both android and iOS devices can be regularly updated with ease and simplicity.

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Finding the way using a custom designed map

After developing a branded mobile application, we can implement a map function onto the app to help the user navigate (for example) a nature reserve or museum. GPS reception inside a forest with thick canopies are not reliable. GPS does not work indoors. We utilise Bluetooth beacons as location indicators, so the app user is able to navigate irrespective of GPS signals and mobile phone network, providing a rich experience to the user. Recently, we have made a collaboration with Scandinavia’s one of the biggest Wayfinding solution providers.

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We develop solutions based on the needs and aspirations of our clients. We are capable of developing Context-Aware mobile applications using GPS coordinates, Low energy Bluetooth beacons, QR codes or simply by Touch and Play. We uphold the utmost importance in collaborating extensively with our clients to come up with optimal solutions.

Many clients have their own contents which they wish to have used in their final product. However, for those that do not or need their contents updating, we at Trailsi are happy to do archival research and create immersive contents. We can translate and record the content in multiple languages. We truly believe the sky's the limit.

If you would like to view a demo or arrange a meeting to review or explore our services, please get in touch.

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We are an IoT company that make trails come alive! No matter if it is in a city, inside a forest or deep inside a cave, we make the trails and locations come alive and interact with its users. We truly believe that language and location should never be a hurdle to access cultural heritage.

We are dreamers, innovators, storytellers, tour guides and brilliant programmers who share a common passion: to enrich our surroundings! .

We will make sure, that the Language and Location is no longer a barrier to enjoy cultural heritage, we make sure, you never get lost in the wilderness or a ski slope, or even at a shopping complex.

We believe in our future: a world technology is decentralised and still connected.

We use the latest technology to achieve our goals, staying at the forefront of an ever-expanding IoT market.

Trailsi develops clients to have their own branded mobile applications, state of art content management system, IoT Admin Dashboard etc… Our mobile application offers services such as location-based audio guides to museums, context aware application to industrial complexes and indoor and outdoor navigation systems. Trailsi is based in Malmö, Sweden.

Celebrating milestones,
Founder, Aravin Chakravarthi